Prestige Leasing: tailored car leasing and contract hire

We know that few business owners are as sensitive to costs as professional contractors. Expenses live a life of their own at the forefront of their minds. As such, many are switching to leasing a vehicle as a viable alternative to buying.

So they should. Buying a car the traditional way is a very British thing, but does it make sense today?

You only have to look to the U.S. and Europe for inspiration. Vehicle rental is their preferred way of getting from A to B. Use your car whilst it’s under warranty and at peak performance for optimal value. Then, swap it for a new model when the lease contract is over to retain cost efficiency.

It’s got to be the right way for contractors to manage travel expenditure, hasn’t it?

Of course it has. Now we’re bringing that philosophy to the UK through our sister company, Prestige Leasing.

Vehicle finance tailored to suit you, your business, your lifestyle

The minute you drive your brand-new car off the forecourt, it loses value. You’re immediately paying off a loan for a car that’s no longer worth its finance value. Instant negative equity, if you like.

Business owners are finally cottoning on to this. They’re throwing the old ‘company car’ concept out the window. That’s where we can help smooth this transition in thinking.

With our history in specialist mortgages, we have an in-depth understanding of niche finance. We know how securing competitive monthly payments can breathe freedom into a contractor’s lifestyle. We’re taking what we’ve learned in the mortgage industry and applying it to car leasing.

Why wouldn’t we? We have a passion for cars, what makes them tick, what makes contractors tick. We know that turning up in the right vehicle signifies intent and establishes status from day one. We want to drive that whole concept right onto your next client’s forecourt.

Knowing me, knowing you: it’s the best we can do

We established Prestige Leasing with a specific aim: reduce monthly leasing costs for contractors. It came about as a consequence of the relationships we’d built up with our contractor clients. The instalments they were paying for car finance were, we believed, way over the odds.

By adopting the same ethos to car leasing as to mortgages, we knew we could do better than existing rates. So, we reached out to car manufacturers and management banking groups alike. We scoured automotive industry financiers to find the most competitive quotes available.

And we were right. That level of service and backing is out there if you know where to look. We’ve now combined it with the quality of service we’ve developed at Freelancer Financials.

By getting to know our clients, we get to the bottom of their confusion. We can then tailor a quote to them, for them. As well as the website deals, we can run through bespoke car hire options for all our contractor clients.

We want you to be 100% comfortable with any offer before you commit. Only by making you happy can we expect you to come back to us next time you want to hire a car. And that relationship, for us, is paramount.

Through Prestige Leasing, we offer contractors essential access to car leasing finance. What’s more, we do so at competitive rates. The same top advice, smooth service and lowest rates, but for car hire instead of mortgages.

Rent or buy, for business or pleasure

I know that we considered the benefits of leasing over outright purchase earlier. But let’s face it: some people will fall in love with their cars. Some people will always prefer to buy, thinking long term ownership, rather than lease.

To that end, we’ve made sure that we cover all bases. This is a no-exclusion zone! Whether you want to buy or hire your next vehicle, we have an exclusive offer for you on:

  • business or personal leasing finance;
  • business or personal contract hire;
  • personal contract purchase;
  • finance/hire/outright purchase;
  • supercar and classic car finance (all makes and models).

We promise that there are no hidden extras. All the vehicles on our books we source from UK dealers, with no models imported. All our advice and quotes are free and offered with no obligation on you to buy. Once you choose the right model for you, we’ll deliver it free to any address on the UK mainland.

So call us on 0208 421 7530 where one of our friendly advisors will guide you through the process. Any questions, now is the time to ask them. We are transparent, straight-talking brokers. We’ll quote you based on what you want, not what a dealer may presume to think you need!


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