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Our years and experience in contracting and freelancing have taught us many things. Above all, we know that nothing in the industry stays the same for long.

From Brexit to BoE base rate, uncontrollable elements that impact contracting are dynamic! Governments, HMRC and IR35 are inconsistent and can leave contractors and freelancers confused.

We appreciate that running a limited company is an arduous task in itself. The last thing you need after a hard day’s graft is to have to scour the web for the commerce and taxation updates.Yet it's those details that can make all the difference to limited company contractors. There's running a business, and there's running a successful contractor business.

The four pillars of a blissful contractor lifestyle

The four main topics we’ll follow are critical to maintaining a happy contractor lifestyle:

We aspire to keep you in the loop on all of the above. Brief, regular updates to give you the competitive advantage in your business, and beyond.

Why do freelancers and contractors even need a blog?

It’s no secret, we specialise in mortgages for contractors and freelancers. However, a contractor mortgage isn't an isolated element of the lifestyle you've created.

As keen as our clients are to ask for our help buying a home, they’re not so keen to take out related protection. And it all stems from the assumption that they’re covered after working for an employer.

When you’re a permanent employee, death in service, sick pay and pensions are all catered for. When you begin running your own business, that changes. The responsibility of protecting the lifestyle falls squarely on your shoulders.

Who needs cover?

Business documentsWe predominantly see this trait in those newest to contracting. But more experienced contractor also tend to put insurance at the bottom of a never-ending to do list.

When you’re young, fit and agile, you can be blasé towards insurance. The thought of not being able to work due to critical illness or long term sickness doesn't register.

Ironically, this is the ideal time to sign up for mortgage and sickness cover. When you’re young, you’ll fly through any medical.

And remember, you only have to take that medical once, if at all if you’re below a certain age. Try getting the same protection for as low a premium when you reach your forties! You’ll wish you’d started as you meant to go on.

Make the most of you limited company

There's even more of a reason to protect your livelihood through Freelancer Financials. Most of the premiums, if paid through a Limited Company, contribute towards tax relief.

That’s right: insurance premiums can save you money on your tax bill!

As such, we intend our blogs to be resources for the whole UK Contractor Community. Think of it as your own one-stop shop for self-employed industry updates.

We know that checking in with us may not top of your priorities. But do yourself a favour and sign up for monthly newsletter. We'll deliver timely industry updates straight to your inbox.


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